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  • Awards
    Type Grade Number Prize Addition
    Competitive Elite 1st 2(M/F) USD 2,500 Trophy
    2nd 2(M/F) USD 1,500
    3rd 2(M/F) USD 1,000
    1st 1 Team(5pax) LOTTE hotel “La Seine” dinning coupon for 5 pax &
    Smart watch(5 set)
    Individual 1st 2(M/F) LOTTE Department Store Voucher
    KRW 1,230,000
    2nd 2(M/F) SIGNIEL SEOUL “Stay” Dining Coupon for 2pax
    3rd 2(M/F) Descente Sportswear /
    Sporting goods
    Special Unique Attire 2pax Descente Sportswear /
    Sporting goods
    2pax FUJI Smart-Phone Photo Printer “Pickit”
    * Awards can be change by the sponsor.
    * Team (Corp.) will receive prize individually. (But, Trophy is 1 per team).
    | Race Kit Collection : Descente T-shirts, race information, participation letter
     * Above components may change depending on the situation.
    | T-shirts Image
    • 티셔츠 앞면
    • 티셔츠 뒷면
    • DESCENTE was launched in 2009, and Brand aims to be the mainspring of activity for all sports lovers.
      For more detail :
    • You could not change T-shirts size after post Race KIT to you, so please choose size carefully.

    | Size guide(unisex)
    Categories Female Male
    S(85) M(90) L(92) M(95) L(100) XL(105) XXL(110)
    Length 57 58.5 60 66.5 68 69.5 71
    Chest Size 85 90 95 98.5 103.5 108.5 113.5
    Bottom Hem 86 91 96 97 102 107 112
    Shoulder Size 35 38.5 42 43 45 47 49
    Diameter of Sleeve root 30.5 32 33.5 39 41 43 45
    • The size unit is cm. There may be some errors depending on the material and measurement location of the product.
  • Race Rule
    • Record/Award
      • Record measurement is Net Time from the Start line of stair case.
      • Timing microchip must be with you during the race.
      • Runners will be disqualified if the participant not take the microchip or not pass the official running way for the measurement.
    • Disqualified
      • Any misconduct by competitor such as stealing or creating disturbance will be disqualified by the race organizer.
      • Participants must be attach the bib. No. on their chest or stomach, which issued by the operations office.
      • Any prohibited act which include intentionally damages the race section, threatens the physically to other person, it is disqualification and disqualified automatically.
      • If the conduct of the above disqualification is revealed after race, which award will be canceled and you may be liable for legal, administrative, and economic liability.
    • Race Interruption
      • If you are not able to proceed any further than you may call safe/first-aid agent at evacuation shelter(located every 3rd floor), and follow the instructions of the safety officer to take you to the 1st floor by emergency elevator.
      • Runners will be disqualified automatically after 2 hours of the event.
      • In the case of participants who have stopped racing, which participants could not possible to receive a completed medal and a snack kit.
  • How to enter the race
    • Advance preparation
      • A race KIT will be sent in a week before competition to participant who has been confirmed their participation through payment.
        Race KIT consists of essential supplies for participation in the competition. Please be sure to bring all the contents of the race KIT on the day of the race.
      • For attending the race, You must take a health check at Medical desk (compulsory for who is over 40 years of age, option for the others age) and hand in the registration form to Registration desk on the day of the race.
        • Registration required documents : participant’s pledge, health history records, portrait rights agreement.
        • Please note that the organizer is not responsible for any problems based on falsity of health history records.
      • The order to participate in the race
        • ❶ Health check and take a confirmed stamp (compulsory for who is over 40 years of age, option for the others age) -> ❷ Hand in all of registration required documents (participant’s pledge, health history records) -> ❸ Take a race bracelet -> ❹ Ready to race start.
        • In case of who under 40 years old, the health check is option but must hand in the health history records for participation.
    • Start/Finish
      • Please enter the waiting line where matches your registration number which you got in advance. Please keep in mind that you can be entered only if you got the official number Bib. No. and the race bracelet.
      • In order to prevent accidents, passing is not allowed between start line and entrance of staircase (recording start). After entering the staircase, passing is allowed within race section. However please to be mindful of your safety and injury.
      • Please move to the first floor quickly when you arrived on the 123rd floor to ensure smooth operation.(Exit E/L might be packed on race day)
      • Please excuse the observation deck 123F may be crowded on the competition day.
  • Information of amenities and safety facilities
    • Emergency rescue and water fountain
      • The first aid and water fountain will be placed on every 20th floor, while emergency rescue and the ambulance on the 1st floor.
        * Location: 7 places / Start (1F), Finish (123F), refuge safety zone (22F, 40F, 60F, 83F, 102F)
        * Location of ambulance : Near Registration desk(1F) , Parking lot(B2)
      • Lifeguards will be placed on every 3rd floor. In case of emergency, ask lifeguard for help and follow lifeguard’s instructions.
    • Changing room
      Even if there are separate changing rooms for male and female, they may still be crowded. We recommend you to wear your T-shirt prior to arriving in event location.
    • Checkroom
      • When depositing your belongings in the checkroom, please put a sticker to a player’s number. Then, present this sticker when claiming.
      • You cannot keep valuables, such as wallets, keys, cell phones, jewelry, etc., in the checkroom. Organizers will hold no liability for loss of valuables.
  • Convenient Facilities
    • Safety/Rest facility
      • Includes emergency facilities and ambulance on 1st floor, emergency worker, rest facility and water fountain are set on every 20 floors.
        * Emergency worker, rest facility, water fountain location : The seven areas (1st, 22nd, 40th, 60th, 83rd, 102nd, 123rd).
      • Security is every 3 floors for participant safety during the race. If you are having difficulty to keep race or an emergency, please ask security for help and follow the instructions of them.
    • Information for using the dressing room.
      There is a dressing room for men/women, but there may be crowded on the competition day. It is recommended you to wear t-shirts and Bib. No. before you come to the race.
    • Information for using the storage
      • When storing your belongings, we will provide a sticker which can stick on your race bracelet to prevent losing.
      • We limited keep your valuables on the storage.
      • Please note that the organizer is not responsible for lost valuables.
세로모드 이미지

LOTTE WORLD TOWER & LOTTE WORLD MALL 홈페이지는 세로모드에 최적화되어 있습니다.