Super tall skyscrapers are symbols of a country’s international and economic status.
Introducing Lotte World Tower and Lotte World Mall.

Embracing Korea’s traditional beauty, Lotte World Tower soars high into the sky as a global symbol of prosperity.
The skyscraper is the realization of a great dream, the story of a seemingly impossible challenge made possible!
The new skyscraper is the emblem of strategy to boost Korea’s brand power and global competitiveness; a vision for a future that will create even greater value.
With Lotte World Tower, Korea’s pride soars even higher.

Like other world-class super tall skyscrapers, Lotte World Tower and Lotte World Mall have created staggering economic value.
The total capital output for the construction amounts to 3.8 billion dollars! The number of jobs created by the project is equivalent to that of an entire city. Attracting more tourist sand working together with its numerous partner enterprises, the development also contributes to boosting local businesses.
Creating a total economic value of 9 billion dollars, Lotte World Tower and Lotte World Mall promise to share that value with every citizen.
As a multi-functional high-tech complex that reduces greenhouse gas emissions using new and renewable energy, it works to preserve the environment and to make the dream of eco-living a reality for the next generation.

Prime Office, home to the headquarters of global corporations,
Signiel Residence, state-of-the-art exclusive luxury living.
Signiel, a six-star hotel to accommodate world VIPs,
The Private office, work stations for world-class leaders!
Super high-speed double-deck elevators that ascend to the 123rd level in 60 seconds!
Seoul Sky, a tranquil observatory high up in the sky!
As the pulsing center of global business and premium lifestyle, Lotte World Tower is a towering city with world-class infrastructure and contents.

Geared to impress the world, Lotte World Mall is at the heart of Korea’s shopping, tourism and culture!
Lotte Concert Hall offers magnificent performances with the majestic sounds of its pipe organ.
Lotte World Aquarium presents visitors with sights of the wondrous and mystical underwater world, alive with creatures from 5 oceans and 6 continents around the world!
Lotte Cinema, taking the movie experience to the next level with its state-of-the-art audio and visual systems!
Lotte World Mall promises to enhance the quality of life for citizens, customers, communities and the country by providing high-class culture and leisure contents.

Avenuel, the global fashion hub for the world!
Lotte Duty Free, the role model for shopping tourism in the age of 20 million foreign tourists!
As the center of luxury lifestyle and a must-visit destination for world travelers, Lotte World Mall strives to further boost the status of Korea’s tourism industry.
A place you want to go, to stay and to visit again!
A place where new experiences abound, where fun and wonder never ends!
Lotte World Mall promises to be an unforgettable experience for shopping, tourism, entertainment, culture, learning and hands-on experience.

Lotte World Tower and Lotte World Mall – going beyond boundaries and making our dreams and imaginations comes true!
A world destination worthy of the title “dream destination!”
Together with the people of Korea, Lotte will make it happen!

Lotte World Tower | NOW 122F_SEOUL SKY 117-123F


AVENUEL WORLD TOWERis the landmark of global luxury shopping which aims to become the greatest luxury & global contemporary fashion center. 1F LUXURY BUTIQUE, 2F LUXURY WATCH / JEWELRY & LUXURY FASHION, 3F LUXURY FASHION, 4F MEN’S, 5F CONTEMPORARY, 6F PREMIUM FOOD & LIVING, B1F COSMETICS & SHOES


Korea's largest duty-free shopping space representing AsiaLOTTE DUTY FREE World Tower is the largest among the duty free stores in Korea, 2nd largest in Asia and 3rd largest in the world. 7F LUXURY BOUTIQUE / EYEWEAR / LIQUOR & TOBACCO / KOREAN GOODS, LUXURY FLAGSHIP STORES True to its position as Korea's largest duty free store, LOTTE DUTY FREE World Tower offers you a shopping experience of global premium brands. KOREAN GOODS SHOPS There are also products that represent Korea. Enjoy tax-free price for healthy food, souvenirs and baby products., 8F COSMETICS / LUXURY WATCHES / FASHION ACCESSORIES / ELECTRONICS LUXURY WATCH ROAD You can see premium watches and jewelries all in one place. Find the brand that suits you the best., COSMETIC ZONE Korea's largest domestic cosmetic zone is prepared, as well as stores for premium perfumes and cosmetics.


World Class, Korea's representative shopping mallLOTTE WORLD MALL is more than a mere shopping space. It is a 4th-generation shopping mall for smart and play-seeking shoppers who enjoy excitement, culture, entertainment and experience. 5~6F Seoul Seoul 3080 The original restaurants of Korea from 1930s to 1980sOriginal restaurants, popular restaurants, snacks,5~6F 29 Street A unique & complex cultural space that suggests a new lifestyleWorld Restaurant, Fashion, Beauty & Aesthetic Spa STYLISH FASHION LIFEAn assembly area of fashion that will excite trend-settersCOS, H&M, H&M Home, UNIQLO, ZARA, GAP, Massimo Dutti, BANANA REPUBLIC, MANGO, Hollister, Joe Fresh, 8 seconds5~6F Seoul Seoul 3080, SHOPPING MALL MD GUIDE B1F Young Fashion / Food Court 1FGlobal Fashion / Fashion Accessories / Cafe Street / CONNECT TO (Toyota Motors Korea), 2FGlobal Fashion / Women's Wear / Fashion Accessories, 3FSports & Leisure / Men's Wear / Hong Ground (food court), 4FKids / Life Style / Book Store / Seafood & Lobster Buffet, 5FTheme restaurants (Seoul Seoul 3080, 29 Street) / Cosmetics & Fashion, 6FTheme restaurants (Seoul Seoul 3080, 29 Street) / Beauty & Aesthetic Spa


Korea's leading multiplexLOTTE CINEMA World Tower is Asia's largest theater with a new concept. It has various special theaters to provide optimal movie experiences. You can also experience commercial PRs, presentations, and cultural events & performances. SUPER PLEX G Its screen has been registered on the Guinness Book of Records as the largest screen in the world (34mx13.8m). Also, for the first time in Asia, it adapted 4K Quad Projecting System, Dolby Atmos, Array Speaker, etc to provide the best image and sound qualities. SUPER 4D Super 4D is the largest 4D theater in Korea. To make the movie experience more realistic, it provides special effects such as water, wind, lightening, fog, etc. cineFamily cineFamily is a special booth where you can enjoy movies next to your loved ones, as comfortably as watching at home. CHARLOTTE, CHARLOTTE PRIVATE This premium theater provides the best service including an exclusive lounge, exclusive ticket box, etc. Meanwhile, Charlotte Private is a premium rental theater for just a few audiences.


Hi-mart, the center of digital lifeA high-tech place that leads a richer and easier digital life!LOTTE Hi-mart is a premium home appliance store for value-oriented customers. The store provides an experience of feeling and communing. The joy of meeting advanced sensation and technologyLeica / Hasselblad / Westone Labs / Gorenje / Miele / KitchenAid / Whirlpool / Harman Kardon / KenwoodPresenting various premium overseas products with great quality. Premium!Premium lineup A premium store where you can experience recent Korean home appliances and famous overseas home appliances at one place before purchasing them Hot place! Hot recent products Mecca of trends which presents the products of hot issue such as Segway, Mando Footloose electric bicycles, high-tech wearable devices etc first in Korea Play & Enjoy!Sensuous store with personal experiences Greatest satisfaction presented by differentiated services and products such as the experience room for premium audios, built-in special corners, Yamaha instrument store, etc


A place with a happy storyHigh-quality premium fresh foods, children's paradise Toy Box, healthy foods that take care of the customers' health & beauty, and the Cosmetic Street where one-stop shopping is available...Experience an abundant life and happiness at LOTTE Mart World Tower. Toy Box Toy Box has carefully selected top brands such as Pororo/Sylvanian/Disney/Gymboree/Bandai etc to allow children as well as adults have a great time Foreigner-specialized Zone Korean foods for gifts such as laver, kimchi, healthy foods etc are prepared at Foreigner-specialized Zone Healthy Food Zone Healthy Food Zone has brands such as Cheongkwanjang/Health 1/T Shop to sell green tea, red ginseng, vitamins etc for the health & beauty of customers.Cosmetic StreetShop various brands of cosmetics including Nature Republic/The Face Shop/Missha/Beyond/Skin Food/Etude/Tony Moly etc at one place.


A deep and wide world of the ocean spreads out in front of you!With 13 themes, LOTTE WORLD AQUARIUM has all kind of marine life from the Five Ocean. For marine organisms, it provides the best living environment, and for the visitors, it provides the best viewing environment up close with the marine organisms. LOTTE WORLD AQUARIUM is an ocean in the city where you can enjoy communing with marine organisms. River Ecology River Ecology Walk under Korea's longest freshwater tunnel where you can meet all kinds of fish, from the freshwater fish of Korea to the gigantic fish of Amazon. Sea Lion Communing with sea lions At Korea's first underwater escalator tunnel, meet the charming sea lions and seals. Beluga Meeting with beluga, the only white whale in the city With thousands of charms, belugas like to communicate with people. The fantastic image of belugas will make you have special feelings toward marine organisms. Jelly fish Club The fantastic world of jellyfish This opened-type jellyfish research lab is unique to LOTTE WORLD AQUARIUM. Let the children turn into marine experts and participate in various science education programs. The Ocean Shark Canyon A world of ocean stands inside Korea's longest water tank (25m) and underwater tunnel (85m). See how people and the ocean can become one. Also experience diving towards the scenes of the ocean.


VINEYARD STYLE The “vineyard-style” concert hall where the seating surrounds the stage! You’ll be amazed at the perfect acoustics and how you can feel closer to the musicians. PIPE ORGAN A massive 4,958-pipe, 68-stop pipe organ will be installed. The grandiose sounds of the pipe organ will be revealed in the greatest acoustic environment in Korea. SOUND SYSTEM Yasuhisa Toyota, one of the greatest acousticians in the world from Nagata Acoustics has been involved with every aspect of this project. To deliver the finest acoustic experience, thorough tests have been conducted on a one-tenth-sized miniature concert hall, and the result of which is reflected in the final design of it. BOX IN BOX In order to isolate noise or vibration from the floor, walls and ceiling, ‘box in box’ construction is introduced. This way optimum noise control can be achieved so that the audience members can fully immerse themselves in the performance.