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HOME Introduction AQUARIUM
Lotte World Mall realizes an unprecedented premium lifestyle. It is followed by many phrases such as “only”, “first”, “largest” and “best”. In every aspect from size to tenants, brands, story and design, Lotte World Mall aims to be the “best”. With a new and pioneering shopping culture, Lotte World Mall will provide whatever you want and whatever you dream by upgrading your premium lifestyle.


A deep and wide world of the ocean
spreads out in front of you!
With 13 themes, LOTTE WORLD AQUARIUM has all kind of marine life from the Five Oceans. For marine organisms, it provides the best living environment, and for the visitors, it provides the best viewing environment up close with the marine organisms. LOTTE WORLD AQUARIUM is an ocean in the city where you can enjoy communing with marine organisms.
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  • River Ecology
    7층 매장
    Walk under Korea's longest underwater tunnel where you can meet all kinds of fish, from the freshwater fish of Korea to the gigantic fish of Amazon.
  • Sea Lion - Communing with sea lions
    7층 매장
    At Korea's first underwater escalator tunnel, meet the charming sea lions and seals.
  • Beluga - Meeting with beluga, the only white whale in the city
    7층 매장
    With thousands of charms, belugas like to communicate with people. The fantastic image of belugas will make you have special feelings toward marine organisms.
  • Jelly fish Club - The fantastic world of jellyfish
    7층 매장
    This opened-type jellyfish research lab is unique to LOTTE WORLD AQUARIUM. Let the children turn into marine experts and participate in various science education programs.
  • The Ocean - Shark Canyon
    7층 매장
    A world of ocean stands inside Korea's longest water tank (25m) and underwater tunnel (85m). See how people and the ocean can become one. Also experience diving towards the scenes of the ocean.
세로모드 이미지

LOTTE WORLD TOWER & LOTTE WORLD MALL 홈페이지는 세로모드에 최적화되어 있습니다.