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  • Regulations for refund of entry fees
    • Outline
      • Refund application period: 19th of March (Mon.) – 30th of March (Fri.), 2018 / Same as the application period.
      • How to apply: Apply for cancelation on website
      • Refund period: Batch processing within 3 weeks after the application deadline
      • When canceling participation, please send your personal information, such as name, date of birth, contact information, etc., as well as your bank account details, such as name of bank, account holder, account number, etc., to the Office of Operation (E-MAIL :

    • Attention
      • The Registration fees will be refunded only within the application period.
      • The participating cannot be canceled after registration period and the Registration fees cannot be refunded after the refund application period.
      • If an participant fails to pay the Registration fees until the application deadline, an application will be canceled automatically.
      • Where it is impossible to hold the event because of natural disaster, or contagious disease (endemoepidemic), the event will be suspended and postponed.
  • Restrictions to entry
    • Please be advised that a person that falls under any of the following cannot enter the event, and an award can be canceled for the fair operation of the event.
      • A person under another’s name (substitute entry is prohibited)
      • A person who fails to submit application or consent
      • A person who submits a false application
      • A person prohibited from entering by organizers because of his/her drug addiction, chronic illness, old age, etc.
      • A person who fails to meet other application requirements
  • Consideration of entrant’s health conditions
    • Participants must verify whether he/she is in a condition to complete the course of up to 123F, which he/she applied.
    • Participants who are over 50 years old, that they are mandatory to check personal condition at medical booth. If not, they cannot participate race.(Optional for under 50 years old)
      • Medical results may not be able to participate race when it is not possible to participate race.
    • When participants feels physical discomfort during the event, he/she must stop race immediately, and ask for assistance from the medical team and event operation staff.
    • Organizers will set accident insurance for all participants. However, please be advised that organizers will hold no liability for matters other than prescribed by insurance terms (general outpatient injury occurred during the event).
    • Organizers will hold no liability for injury, accident, etc., caused by reasons of participant’s health other than first aid and medical expenses within a limit to which insurance is applied.
  • Insurance Information
    • Range of insurance
      • Injury pass away pay up to 100,000,000won
      • Injury aftereffect pay up to 100,000,000won
      • Injury hospitalization bill pay up to 100,000,000won
    • Injury is defined as a rapid and accidental accident, and by external shock from outside the marathon. If the body is damaged.
      ex) If you fall and have a broken bone or trauma
    • Accident accidents are impossible to compensate. The disease caused illness inside the body, and during the marathon race. In particular, it can be seen as a frequent occurrence of frequent myocardial infarction, brain hemorrhage, difficulty breathing, vomiting, and muscle pain.
      • Almost all accidents, except for sprain, fracture, and puncture wounds, can be regarded as diseases.
    • No injuries are insured for those aged 80 or older.
    • If you are injured during the marathon, you will receive a medical examination after 6 months. Depending on the degree of disability, you can pay up to 100,000,000 won.
    • Deaths caused by excessive drinking after the competition may have an accident investigation and will not be compensated for in the contest which is not related to the marathon competition.
      Please do not do any activities that cause difficulty in recovering your body after exercise such as drinking after the competition.
    • Medical expenses are deductible, please refer to the terms and conditions for details.
      • If you want to check the terms and conditions, please contact the Operations Office.
      • Inquiries : E-MAIL.
    • The Insurance condition and amount above, which set by insurer after deliberation.
  • Consent to use of personal information and portrait right
    [Personal information protection policy]
    • Collection of personal information : such as race category, name, gender, day of birth, resident registration number, address, blood type, phone number, emergency contact, e-mail.
    • Purpose of collecting personal information : register and reward of insurance, race and register information(e-mail, SMS), sending race kit and etc.
    • Retention period of personal information : A year from collecting agreement.
    • Disposal of personal information : all the papers disposal by grinding or incinerate, and electronic copies disposal by non-restored way to permanently deleted
    • Your personal information will be provided to insurance companies for insurance contract and insurance operation. Organizers will not disclose personal information to other organizations or businesses for profit.(except legal matters)
    • Read “privacy policy” in below for other details.
    [Picture-taking/filming and use of portrait right]
    • An entrant may be disclosed to publicity materials or press through picture-taking/filming.
    • Please submit a consent to use of portrait right to the Office of Registration before the start of the event.
      • Object: All materials, such as picture/video/voice, etc., at the scene of LOTTE WORLD TOWER Sky Run
      • Media: Website of LOTTE WORLD TOWER and media necessary for posting and transmission of SNS/news
        Advertising media, such as daily newspapers, magazines, leaflets, LOTTE’s internal media, etc.
        Domestic broadcasting media, such as ground wave broadcaster, local cable operator, etc.
    • If you want to delete personal details, please call race operation office. (02-3496-7805)
세로모드 이미지

LOTTE WORLD TOWER & LOTTE WORLD MALL 홈페이지는 세로모드에 최적화되어 있습니다.